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Artist Olaf Breuning

For The Art Freaks, he once again makes a comment on where art has been and where it is going. It’s as if he has taken original paintings from our recent past, still wet and dripping and allowed his model to do one full nude rotation. Color appears to shield every inch of the numerous undressed bodies and they are both recognizably human and unemotionally still life. Some of the figures stare blankly, while a few turn their backs to the viewer. The physical actions are performative and while different, not unlike the photographed characters embodied by Cindy Sherman over the course of her career. Olaf Breuning utilizes the practice of traditional photographic portraiture to occupy a position that many artists have attempted to touch upon but few have succeeded in a way that is not overtly derivative. - Katy Hamer

[via whitehotmagazineOlaf Breuning on tumblr

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